Chasing Sleep

Jul 31, 2012

Some people brag about how little sleep they need to function, but sleep disorders and the problems they cause are getting a lot more attention these days.  Are we actually suffering from an epidemic of sleep deprivation or do we just know more about this mysterious process of absent consciousness?

Host Frank Stasio discusses why we have so many problems sleeping with Yvette Huet, the Interim Chair of Kinesiology at University of North Carolina at Charlotte; Mary Ellen Wells, the program director of the Neurodiagnostics and Sleep Science Bachelors degree at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Aatif Husain, a professor of neurology at Duke University Medical Center; Jack Edinger, a professor of sleep medicine in the Department of Medicine at National Jewish Health; Lisa Meltzer, an assistant professor of pediatrics at National Jewish Health; and Blake Butler, author of "Nothing: A Portrait of Insomnia."