Chapel Hill Police Defend Armed Response to Demonstrators

Nov 15, 2011

Police say their response to demonstrators who occupied a vacant building in Chapel Hill was appropriate. Officers moved into the building with assault rifles Sunday evening and charged seven people with breaking and entering. Police say some demonstrators were what they called known anarchists trying to align themselves with the Occupy Chapel Hill movement. Police chief Chris Blue says officers found literature detailing how to conduct a riot and flip a police car at the scene. Chapel Hill mayor Mark Kleinschmidt defended the decision.

Mark Kleinschmidt: "According to the intelligence gathered, there were concerns that our law enforcement officers would be met with resistance, including possible violence. Individuals who have engaged in the takeover of private property in other cities have been known to barricade themselves in, place traps in buildings, and otherwise destroy property."

Unidentified protesters: (hissing) Oh, my god. (laughing)
Police say no demonstrators were injured and no one was armed. The seven demonstrators who face charges are set to appear in court Thursday.