Chapel Hill Mayor Calls For More Local Control Over Gun Regulations After Toddler's Death

Dec 30, 2015

Chapel Hill mayor Pam Hemminger
Credit Town of Chapel Hill

After the fatal shooting of a Chapel Hill toddler, Mayor Pam Hemminger says she wants local governments to be able to pass their own gun ordinances. 

Hemminger says state legislators should reverse a law that took away local authority to pass gun regulations, such as bans on concealed firearms in public parks.

"It takes away our feeling of safety," Hemminger says.

"If the community decides it would rather have laws such as keeping guns out of public places, then I think the community should be allowed to vote in favor of safety and not have the state overrule when it comes to issues of public safety."

Hemminger made her remarks after one-year-old Maleah Williams was shot on Christmas Day. She died on Monday.

Police have arrested three men in connection with the drive-by shooting at a public housing community.