Cameron Carpenter Brings His ‘International Touring Organ’ to NC

Mar 18, 2016

Organist Cameron Carpenter
Credit Bucklesweet Media

Cameron Carpenter has had a unique perspective on the organ from a very young age. While many of us first discovered organ music in concert halls or church services, Carpenter discovered the organ through a picture in his Childcraft Encyclopedia set when he was four years old.

For him, organ music has always extended far beyond church walls. He spent four years at University of North Carolina School of the Arts, during which he transcribed more 100 major works for the organ. Carpenter also recently helped design his own digital organ that allows him to bring organ music into spaces it has never been before.

  Host Frank Stasio talks with musician Cameron Carpenter about the ‘International Touring Organ.’ Carpenter performs at NC State’s Stewart Theatre tomorrow at 8 p.m.

Watch Carpenter perform "Candide": Overture below: