Bowles Friends Facebook

Sep 7, 2011

Former U-N-C President Erskine Bowles will speak on campus tomorrow about the deficit and taxes. He may also chat about his cool new appointment.

Erskine Bowles has joined the board of directors of – Facebook.   His appointment expands the Facebook board to seven members.  Bowles is in some very powerful company – the Facebook board also includes Donald Graham, chairman and CEO of the Washinton Post Company, Reed Hastings, chairman and CEO of Netflix and of course Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg.  Zuckerberg said in a news release – “Bowles has held important roles in government, academia and business which have given him insight into how to build organizations and navigate complex issues.”  Bowles was most recently co-chair of President Obama’s bipartisan National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform.