Bentonville Confederate Soldiers Memorialized

Jun 10, 2011

Battle of Bentonville
Credit UNC-Chapel Hill, NC Collection

  The site of the bloodiest battle in North Carolina history is now the location for a memorial to confederate soldiers. A ceremony tomorrow afternoon will recognize a long lost graveyard at Bentonville Battlefield State Historic Site. Derrick Brown is the assistant manager of the facility. He says an old photo and some new technology helped find the area where confederate soldiers were buried. 

Derrick Brown: "We were actually able to find 20 individual graves. This was actually using ground penetrating radar which is a non-invasive technique. We were actually able to confirm this as a real cemetery."
Brown says headstones were installed this week at the site. He says they all say "unknown soldier" because researchers have been unable to identify who was buried at the old cemetery.