Barbers Help Fight Prostate Cancer

Jun 28, 2011

Fayetteville barbers have joined with health officials to inform their customers about the risks of prostate cancer. Cumberland County is one of seven counties in North Carolina with a prostate cancer rate higher than the national average. Barber shops serve as a social hub for many minority communities. Officials hope a barber's suggestion will motivate customers to get a prostate-cancer test. Douglas Dolberry of the Konnecte Kut Barber shop in Fayetteville, says the response so far has been great.

Douglas Dolberry:" It's just amazing how people start to talk once someone knows that the person they're sitting beside is experiencing it. It's ironic how it turns into a brush fire, everyone starts to talk about it."

More than 200,000 Americans were diagnosed with prostate cancer last year. African Americans are twice as likely to die from the disease.