Apple To Build Large Fuel Cell To Power N.C. Data Center

May 25, 2012

Apple Incorporated has the go-ahead to provide power for its new data center in western North Carolina.

Gurnal Scott: The North Carolina Utilities Commission gave Apple the green light to build a 4.8 megawatt fuel cell for the facility. It would be the country's largest privately-owned power generator. It will help provide 60 percent of the power Apple needs to run the data center. They'll work with green energy companies in the region to provide the rest. Approval by the North Carolina Utilities Commission came relatively quickly because Apple is spending its own money on the project. The facility will house Apple's iCloud data storage and software for its SIRI voice-recognition system. The new fuel cell, and other surrounding power sources is expected to provide 124 million watts of power, enough to power nearly 11,000 homes.