9-1-1 Drill in Greensboro

Apr 5, 2011

The 9-1-1 center for Guilford County and Greensboro will test its disaster readiness beginning today.  Guilford Metro will relocate to a backup facility across town until Friday morning.

Guilford Metro Special Projects Coordinator Craig Whittington says the biannual exercise tests for procedural problems and technical glitches:

"The staff that's coming on will assemble at that center, just as if they'd been called out in the middle of the night or the middle of the day due to a disaster.  It looks as if they're sitting in the main center, but they're actually in the backup center. And the people in the main center would then evacuate just as if there'd been an emergency and they were having to leave."

Redundant systems now allow Guilford County's backup 9-1-1 center to receive feeds identical to the main site.